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Introduction - Meet and Greet

I thought I documented this first day better, but tbh, I didn't. lmao I'm really sorry in advance for that you guys! But welcome to my bacc! The first week is.... okay look I've had better weeks, but it's okay, because things are shaping up and I have an idea and vision where this is going to be going. But without ado, welcome to Arcadia!

On our first day, our intrepid settlers meet up at City Hall to mingle with each other. The only community lot to exist in their fledgling town is City Hall, and there's a rumor that the St. Claire family bought their way into joining the first crew by giving money for this building. Whether or not that's true is yet to be found but our wannabe mayor Maeve Lovette certainly isn't complaining...

Let's meet them!

There's handful of them! Twelve of them, in total.

They've all gathered at City Hall.

Straight away, Maeve sets to introducing herself to each of them. It's been a long trip and she wants each settler to feel personally welcomed, and also to have her gratitude for joining her in such an arduous task.

While she makes proper introductions, the settlers find other ways to get to know each other. There's not a lot of entertainment yet in Arcadia. No one has much money, there's nowhere but the City Hall. Myshuno will have to do! Delilah, for one, is excited for this!

Do the new citizens think positively of our hopeful mayor to be?

Once Maeve has made sure she's made her acquaintance with each settler, she settles in for pleasant conversation with Maddox St. Claire. After Milo Meadows turned down her offer to take on the role of architect in Arcadia, Maddox stood up to the plate. Perhaps this is why she and Maddox connect so well from the get go.

The same can't EXACTLY be said for Maddox's twin Maddeleine......... Given that she's vying for the position of town treasurer, it might do Maddeleine to try a little harder with Maeve, though.

Maeve's brother, Grover Lovette, is also good to get in on the socializing, and immediately takes to Delilah St. Claire.

And Faye Meadows finds in farmer Dempsey Greene a worthy (well, hopefully worthy) opponent in chess.

Unfortunately for Maeve, Maddeleine's attention is hard to keep.

So she nurses her wounds and joins Dashiel St. Claire in a game of Myshuno. Socializing isn't exactly Maeve's strong point, and she knows she's going to have to make an effort if she wishes to be the best leader Arcadia can have. (It's not HER fault some sims just can't see her genius vision.)

A good leader looks after her people well, and when stomachs begin to rumble, she heads out back to grill and throws some dogs on the fire.

Her cooking endeavors go well! And lunch is served!

Maeve joins Maddox, Dashiel, and Logan Ceret, while our other farmer Dallas Greene dines with Milo, Maddeleine, and Delilah. Not long after, Grover takes Maddeleine's place - and notably already has a want to fall in love. It's day one, Grover! Please!

Logan's brother, Rory Ceret, tries to meet the need for more food.

Unfortunately for Rory, his efforts don't go as well as Maeve's - but the burnt dogs get eaten anyway. (Well, most of them. The rest go home with Maeve and Grover, because nothing will go to waste in this town!)

After food is eaten, the settlers convene inside, getting to know each other and discussing their dreams and aspirations for Arcadia.

While some find they prefer to stay outdoors. Grover has a great love for the outdoors and knows autumn is fast upon them. These warm days won't last forever - and neither will their current food supply. He stakes out the City Hall pond to catch something to bring home.

Dashiel seems to think Grover has the right idea, and joins him at night fall. Look at that, Grover's already seeing success!

The same can't exactly be said for Dashiel...

After a while, Maeve joins her brother and Dashiel at the pond. It'd be irresponsible, she thinks, to leave it all on her brother's shoulder to bring home something for the fridge - and image is very, VERY important for a hopeful mayor.

Satisfied with her own catch, she sends the rest of the settlers home to sleep in their new beds for their first night in Arcadia, satisfied that they'll be able to grow a wonderful town.

notes Originally I was going to do just the initial four families, but somehow that just seemed too few? I feel like I'm going to regret making so many people related but a. I didn't want to deal with one person families - they're boring! and b. I didn't want to deal with unrelated sims sharing names. D: When I started creating them in Bodyshop, I let them all keep the hair and skin color they rolled, and so many of them looked like they could be "related", that it worked out. Anyway, I decided to throw the St. Claire's in, because I'm very attached to them even if the legacy didn't get far, haha. I'm probably going to regret bringing all four but, I just couldn't split them up!

In my initial plans, Milo Meadows was created specifically to be the architect, but once I got in game to start building houses, Maddox's LTW was Architecture! And given that Maddox is a special baby of mine, I had to indulge him, haha ;^; It's going to all work out, though! And the idea of Milo being offered the position but ultimately turning it down fit with the traits he rolled!

It's been a long, long time since I did anything in LJ format, I feel so old school, lmao. I hope you guys enjoy!

Tags: ceret, dallas green, dashiel st. claire, delilah st. claire, dempsey green, faye meadows, greene, grover lovette, intro, logan ceret, lovette, maddox st. claire, madeleine st. claire, maeve lovette, meadows, milo meadows, rory ceret, st. claire
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