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Greene - Round One

I was really excited to get to the Greene's round, because in my first failed attempt at a BACC I had an equally failed attempt at starting a "farm" and grocery store. Partly this was cos I didn't know I could do loans lmao or maybe I was trying to play sans loans? idk, at least for me, it was next to impossible to go on just the given 20k. Also I thought it necessary to give them a greenhouse which turned out to be.... not so necessary. Now, as much as I like the appeal of the farm animals, I couldn't justify it to myself. It was just A Lot and I am a v simple minded player lmao. So we'll just have to, idk. Imagine okay?

It's a modest "farm" to begin (because I... need gardening practice) because the land is yet unbroken and the Greenes don't know what quality soil they'll be working with. They'd had to invest so much money into something only for half the crops to fail. Come spring, they'll add on and hopefully be able to grow a better variety of crops! But until then, they need to cultivate the land and prepare it for their future farm.

Immediately, they set about breaking the land and planting what they hope to be a bountiful crop of tomatoes. Autumn won't last long, after all, and once winter hits they'll be unable to grow anything. They want to be sure to harvest the crops before the cold hits. After all, Arcadia is going to need a grocery store and to be able to buy groceries! It's all on the Greene family to provide for them! It's a daunting kind of responsibility, but with Dallas's love for the land and nature, at least she'll greatly appreciate her time in the soil.

The crops are already sprouting up!

Things stay really sparse with the Greenes. Their floor plan is very, very simple. Inevitably, there will one day be a need for more space, but the little farm house of theirs provides what they need, for the most part. They plan to eventually spend their future time at an eventual grocery and spending a lot of time on the farm, so it wasn't worth it to spend excess money on other non-essentials. (That said, they certainly could want for more. But, priorities.)

Neither Dallas nor Dempsey consider themselves fantastic cooks, so the kitchen is kept simple with enough dining for the two of them.

Maeve passes by to check on them and see what they plan for their crops, so naturally Dallas greets her and invites her in. Though a bit bullheaded, she finds the mayor-to-be warm enough. Ambitious or not, she certainly has the best interests of the community at the forefront of her plans.

Neither of them really strike me as the sporty type but alright then!

Even Maddeleine wanders passed! Something of a socialite, Maddeleine seems quite out of place amongst the farmers that the Greenes are, but Arcadia doesn't have much room right now for socialites, so she'll have to learn to adjust.

Dempsey and Dallas are actually incredibly close. Even though it's very early in their new life, Dempsey really admires her drive and hard work.

Maeve leaves the siblings to whatever... sibling-ness they're up to and convenes instead with Treasurer Maddeleine St. Claire.

It's not long before everyone grows hungry, and lunch meat sandwiches are prepared for all. In this moment, though, it becomes evident that no one through the kitchen arrangements through very well. Being just the two of them, intending to spend their time farming, no one really thought much about entertaining, and there's not enough chairs for everyone at the table. Maeve joins Dallas on the couch, though, so she's not left out.

As it turns out, Dallas wouldn't have minded the alone-time. Socializing is not her strongest suit, and she really just wants to do some reading and learning. Maeve politely sits by, even as Dempsey regales Maddeleine with conversation. This must be why Dallas is the more focused on the farm. Dempsey, after all, also endeavors a future in education. (These family sims man.)

Despite her lack of social desires, Dallas greets Logan Ceret as she passes by. It's good to be friendly with the neighbors, and even if she doesn't feel up to the conversation, there's enough people over that no one has to be left out.

Some things never change. Even as teens, the St. Claire kids were very into red hands. I wouldn't want to get involved with red hands with Maddeleine tho... she has a very mean streak and a bit of a hot headed temper.....

Dallas comfortably returns to what she was studying earlier. Even though the house is full of sims, she doesn't mind. There's something nice about everysim's company, even if she's not engaging fully in it.

Who even knows what happened here. (Maddeleine. Maddeleine happened.) Maeve ignores the general disturbance and instead focuses on discussing the future of the Greene Farm with Dallas.

Dempsey prepares a nice dinner and, eventually everyone goes home and Dallas and Dempsey get their first sleep of the new home.

So many weeds to get rid of!

Ther'es no sleeping in for the farmers, though. Before they even have breakfast, Dallas and Dempsey head out to take care of the weeds. They work diligently through the early morning as the sun begins to rise on a new day.

It's back breaking work, but Dallas truly feels proud of the work she does.

After all that hard work, Dempsey prepares a nice and nourishing fruit parfait.

Apparently Dallas is far too hungry to wait for that, though, and grazes through the fridge, snacking while he whips up breakfast.

She still enjoys the fruit parfait, though. While they eat, Dempsey and Dallas talk about Maeve and the future of the town. They're quite hopeful about things!

They just seem like suuuuuch an unlikely duo to me!

Other St. Claire habits that carried over from their old legacy lives: gossip mongers. And the worst of them! Dallas is literally RIGHT THERE!!!! :| It's a good thing she has a stiff upper lip and cares little about the social circles of Arcadia so far.

So bewildering to me lmao

Look at the plants thriving!

Dallas inquires about Dalia's political interest.... in the bathroom. I mean, many a simthing takes place in the bathroom, one shouldn't be so surprised.

..............sigh. At least it's empty this time!

Dempsey makes sure to pay the bills on time. They don't have a lot, so there isn't too much to pay.

And then it's off to City Hall, to make use of the pond. Dempsey hopes that eventually they'll be able to sell fresh fish as well as their fresh produce, in the eventual future. For now, though, he's just trying to get better at it, and stock their own fridge.

Inside, Dallas attempts to be a little more social. Fortunately for her, Milo Meadows is perfectly willing to entertain her, and they have a great conversation! Maybe she can be a little better at this social thing, after all!

Feeling in good spirits - and also hungry - she heads out back to the grill to cook up some hot dogs. Maeve has ambitions plans for the expansion of City Hall, including a cafeteria and some office spaces on an eventual second floor, but until then, Dallas rather enjoys the picnic-y feelings of City Hall meals. She feels like it really brings everyone together.

Dempsey is finding that just throwing a hook into the water isn't as easy as it seems...

She has a seat by herself, though. She's finding she needs to take this socializing stuff bit by bit, so it's not too overwhelming.

A bizarre as fuck glitch. This continued ALL THROUGH EVERYONE'S ROUNDS. It did not do this while playing the Lovette household tho. I...??? I don't even know.

Even tho Faye shows up, Dempsey has to say goodbye. He and Dallas can't stay out all night. They have the farm to look after. And anyway, he's got some fish to throw in the fridge!

Even though they're incredibly tired when they return home, weeds have been running rampant amongst the plants. While they COULD save them til morning, both Dallas and Dempsey worry they'd ruin the quality of the plants, so they tend to them there. With the people of Arcadia relying on them, there's no room to cut corners.

It's such exhausting work, though. By the time they get through, Dallas isn't even sure she can make it to bed. She sure is glad they opted for such a small house to begin, though. There's no way she thinks she could make it up stairs or any further across their land than she must!

When they wake, they enjoy some left over mac and cheese. It seems a lot heartier to them, after all that work. Fortunately, because they took care of the plants late at night, their morning isn't quite as tied up.

In fact, Dempsey gets to enjoy some recreational bug hunting, something he's been itching to do for a while. When one spends so much time outside in the dirt, sometimes one gets the urge to know what else exists out there! And collect it!

He's so happy to have done that!

But then it's back to the plants. Fortunately for Dempsey, all this work is paying off and he's achieved the bronze gardening badge! Yay!

Dallas, too! Go farmers, go!

Despite all her reservations, Dallas is pleased with the move. This is her element, where she belongs, she just knows it, and even though it's tiring work, she's enjoying it. Plus, the air just smells so much nicer out here. It's cleaner out here, purer. Maybe one day Arcadia might grow into a populous location with high rises, but she kind of hopes it always stays small and familiar. It's not Maeve's vision, but she hopes that Maeve might change it as they live this life.

Inside, Dempsey whips up some lunch for them, and scores a culinary point. He tends to do most of the cooking.

Soon thereafter, it's off to City Hall again. This time, Dallas joins Dempsey on his fishing quest. Perhaps one day they'll convince Maeve to create a nice, sim-made lake to provide good, eco-friendly controlled fishing. There's nothing wrong with City Hall except, well. In the end, this IS a work place. Eventually it won't be a place for hanging out so much as they do for now.

Nature is definitely her thing.

Dallas remarks about how much she likes the idea of being able to provide fresh fish to the sims of Arcadia in the future. In fact, she hopes they'll be able to open their grocery store next season. Winter won't be good for growing much, after all. She worries, of course, that maybe they won't have enough to get the Arcadians through the winter. Dempsey reassures her that they just have to believe in their hard work.

Positive thinking really DOES have a good effect, look at that! He's so proud!


You win some, you lose some. Dempsey is still working on this. At least it doesn't diminish his interest in nature!

They stop that night for some hot dogs, and Delilah joins them!

And then it's back home to the never ending cycle of work work work. Weeds weeds weeds.


Of course the rich St. Claire kids are the ones who jog for fun, hah. Dempsey greets his good pal Maddeleine and invites her in.

That redhands obsession.


Perhaps Dallas can eventually convince Maeve to do something about them. On the one hand, she understands that these animals were here first, but on the other, filling in their holes is just a huge inconvenience!

While outside, Dallas cleans up the leaves a little. It might do good to make some mulch out of them; after winter, having a boost for the plants would be lovely, and it would make the yard look a little tidier at the same time!

She spares a moment to greet Faye Meadows, though, when the other sim strolls by.

It's Dempsey, naturally, who comes out to keep her company, though, and they secure their friendship at best friend level! Seeing Faye well occupied, Dallas returns to what she knows best: nature.

Dempsey is sure to stop Logan as she passes by, as well.

Dallas clearly wasn't counting on Logan to come by and throw off her journaling mood!

When the sun begins to set, Dallas can't help but notice that bugs seem to be trying to get to their plants! It's risky business - and she'd much rather their plants be chemical free if they could help it - but she decides to spray insecticide anyway. It would benefit no one to take the gamble and lose the plants, she thinks.

By nightfall, it's time again to do what the Greene siblings do best, and pull more weeds before they can head to sleep.

An untimely breaking of the shower sees Dallas's attempt to take some mechanical matters into her own hands, but in the end, she's not completely successful.

At the same time, Dempsey greets Rory Ceret, and shares his bemusement about the shit that falls from the sky. "What the fuck is this?!"

Eventually, he has to complete the shower job.


She honestly is just much happier with books than people.

Eventually the Dempsey finds himself at city hall again. It's the only fishing spot in town, okay!

Unfortunately, he isn't as good at this as Dallas is.

He's getting there, though!

Unsurprisingly, Dallas stays home with the plants.

She catches up on a little bit of her skilling, too.

All her time in the garden has paid off! A silver talent badge!!! Great job, Dallas!

All that socializing is really working in Dempsey's favor, at least, hahaha. He really IS a good sim, and it's wonderful that all the rest of the Arcadians recognize this!

Now that she's been working on her cooking abilities, Dallas takes up a turn with cooking.

It goes well!

Have I mentioned just how close these siblings are? They really love the family kiss interaction.

It's harvest time!!!!!!!!

Even when the rains fall to bless their bounty, they keep at it. There's a lot of tomatoes to be harvested.

Like, over 200 of them! Some of them go to their fridge for their own uses, but the rest are being saved for winter; Dempsey just knows they'll get their grocery store up and running, and fresh produce is exactly what Arcadia will need when it's too cold to grow anything.

That evening, Dempsey prepares them a healthy fish dish. Look at those healthy sparkles!

They discuss a rumor they've heard before of a lamp that grants wishes. Dempsey refutes it as a child's tale - of course there's no such thing!

Night falls and they enjoy a little bit of recreational activity.

The end of their round comes with Dempsey doing what he bizarrely enjoys - catching some buggos! It might be the last, though, because the sting of cold winter is in the air!

Some notes!

Whew! That took for freaking ever to type up, all due to my sheer laziness and a combination of life getting busy and then losing a little posting motivation. I forgot how much effort actually goes into writing up posts, haha. Which means, to be honest, I can't remember what kinds of notes I had for these guys! I was really excited about their round, though, and getting to really utilize gardening, because that's something I never do - and especially for eventually opening a grocery!!! Ngl, I'm not so secretly hoping Dempsey might get to enjoy some life as a Plantsim for a while, cos I've NEVER played one before! But we'll see what actually comes of this. lmao She has such little interest in the other sims and tbh I wonder if she'll ever get around to taking interest in anyone. While in my previous 'hood everyone was in love with everyone and I had babies out the wazoo, Arcadia seems like the exact opposite. I guess they're all taking this "build a new town" thing seriously - except they keep forgetting nooboos are necessary for that, too!
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Yay, farming! It's always much easier with more than one sim, isn't it? I just plain gave up in my 'Hood and used custom plants, lol.

Dallas and Dempsey are both so cute! Dallas seems very sweet and I totally agree with her on how socialization can sometimes be a little overwhelming. :P I can't wait to see if Dempsey really does become a plantsim in the future. ;)
Oh my GOD yes!!!!! I'm trying really hard to do this well but I feel like in the future I may go for custom plants or something but also try to maintain a proper garden? idk lmao we'll see! I know the rules technically say no fertilizer but eeehhh I'm probably gonna give that rule a little pass, and let my eco sims use their compost bins cos why else have them! I've played a couple rounds ahead so I'm trying to contemplate how things might change because it really DOES require an additional sim at least but. Hmmm I'll figure it out! (that said, Em's garden, was it Em? Looked so nice! I liked how everything was set up in little patches; I may try that out in the future as we bring more plants in!)

I'm v fond of Dallas! She's got a couple surprises ahead and it just keeps me pleasantly fond of her!!! I can't remember if she's shy or not - I have her stats written up somewhere - but she just came as a surprise with that personality and it was so fun to run with it! I just like the imagery of her sitting and talking to her plants all day :3

Dempsey is another of those who wants to get into education in the future, but I think I might save him for another wave of students, so he and Grover can run a school together - and hopefully he can do it as a plantsim! I just want ONE of these kids to do it, dangit!